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Updated: Feb 3, 2019

Welcome to the new McManus Law Office website. This space will be used to provide office news, thoughts on the practice of law in Vermont, and to share interesting articles about the legal profession. Hopefully, the posts will be informative and, occasionally, entertaining.

There are a number of blogs about law firms and the legal profession. Some, such as Above the Law, are prolific, posting an estimated 80 times per week. Others, such as Vermont's very own SCOV Law do a fantastic job of utilizing humor to material that can occasionally be a bit dry. As a solo practitioner and father of three, I guarantee that I will not be posting 80 times per week. A few posts a month will feel like a win. I can guarantee that I will occasionally post humorous, light-hearted material. The legal profession deals with serious, often difficult matters and it is important to keep a sense of humor when appropriate.

Thank you for visiting the McManus Law website. If you're going out to watch the big game (today is Superbowl Sunday!) please make certain that you plan ahead: have a designated driver if you're going to be drinking. Be smart, stay safe.

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